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McParking® - Price Information

Parking in our parking places

After you've selected the airport and clicked on the "Availability & Prices" button, you will be quoted our respective price for parking at the Santiago airport. Please note that prices vary according to location, season and allocation.

Book your affordable holiday parking space now and enjoy the feeling of having a guaranteed parking space.

And what's more, as opposed to other service providers, McParking charges NO CANCELLATION FEES , if you should unexpectedly be detained!

INFO: If you want to park for more than three months or if you would like to know the parking space prices for mobile homes, wagons with overlength, motorbikes or trailers, please call us: +56 (9) 4512-1484

Parking at other airports

We also offer affordable parking at other airports through our partner HolidayExtras. You can work out the exact price and booking period for these parking spaces on our website and make a quick and easy reservation.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need a reservation?
A reservation is required to guarantee an available space. You can easily reserve a space online or even by telephone free of charge at  +56 (9) 4512-1484. If you do not require a guaranteed space, just show up at McParking® at any time without notice.

2. How does the shuttle service work?
After your arrival at McParking you will be transported to the airport terminal in a convenient shuttle bus. After your return flight, simply take your luggage to the rendezvous point, telephone the shuttle driver on the appropriate shuttle number and you will be promptly picked-up. At our location in Santiago a shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes. The exact departure times are given in the booking confirmation.

3. Does McParking really provide a 24-hour service?
Yes, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

4. Can I modify or cancel my existing Booking?
Yes, you have the option to use the link in the confirmation email or on our website, top right, below the language selection, select "My Booking" button. In the registration form, enter the in the booking used e-mail address and the reservation number (MCP ...). Once in your reservation you can make changes or additions. At the end of the mask you choose to "Update" (you get an updated booking confirmation by mail), "Cancel your booking" (you will receive a confirmation email for cancellation) or "Leave reservation without saving" (any changes will not be saved). Should the arrival day be today or tomorrow's date, a change can not be made and you can ask our staff for help under reservas@mcparking.cl or +56 (9) 4512-1484.

5. Is parking at McParking really secure?
Yes, your car is parked in a fenced-in and closed-off area. And we are on site around the clock.

6. How is payment made?
Payment for airport parking is made on arrival in cash or credit card.

7. ...and what happens if the return flight is delayed?
Thanks to McParking's 24-hour service, you can access your vehicle at any time of the day or night. So you can even journey home in the middle of the night, immediately after you have been picked-up at the airport.

8. Jaw flights?
Unfortunately we don`t offer direct transfers between the airports. For a jaw flight you have 2 options. You can take a taxi to the other airport or use public transportation. For further information contact us under +56 (9) 4512-1484.

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